Hi there!

I’m Sonja, a wedding photographer based in beautiful Sydney.
Me in short: Creative soul, animal lover, chocoholic, explorer, nature lover, ex-lawyer.


The longer version: 

I have always had a creative streak in me, my favourite subject at school was art, I absolutely loved art lessons, getting immersed in painting and looking through old art books. As much as I enjoyed the creative side of life I ended up going to law school and qualifying as a lawyer! I practiced law for more than 6 years and although I’m not in the industry anymore, my time as a lawyer taught me so much and I feel grateful for the experiences it gave me and the many talented people I met during that time.

My photography story began in 2001 when I bought a film camera and started shooting landscapes. I shot my first wedding at the beginning of 2014 and haven’t looked back.

I see immense value in photos. As a child my family and I fled war-torn Yugoslavia and while we lost our home and all our material possessions, we did manage to save a few photo albums. Over the years, these albums have become the most treasured possessions my family own.

I Love

Travel  –  I love travel and the buzz of discovering new places. My favourite destination so far has been Capri in Italy, words cannot describe the magic of this place

Art  –  My favourite subject at school was visual art, especially painting. I love the art of William Turner and Claude Monet and the flower paintings of Carmelo Blandino and Martin Heade. I see the world through an artistic eye which strongly influences my wedding photography

Animals  –  I strongly support rescue shelters and I’m passionate about animal welfare. I grew up with cats and about two years ago adopted Ollie, the fluff ball you see in the photo above

Exploring– I’m always up for new adventures and exploring the great outdoors. I love going for coastal walks and through national parks, there’s something very special about the natural world

Movies – Movies always take me back to my childhood, even as a six year old I was a serious film buff! Some of my favourites are Dirty Dancing (I can watch this over and over), Pan’s Labyrinth, Atonement, A Beautiful Mind, Samsara, Perfume, Inception, Gattaca, House of Sand and Fog


Now that you know a bit about me, 

I would love to hear more about you and your big day!